Friday Five: Why I Don’t Pay Attention to Trends, Painted Mirror, Sales + More

Well hello there and happpppppy Friday to you! Did this week fly by for anyone else?! I don’t know how it’s already Friday, but I’m not complaining. It was a good week over here for the most part. But I did avoid watching the news as much as possible because my heart just can’t take the hate anymore. It’s crazy times we are living, so I’m just trying hard to focus on my little family and what I can control. Also lots of praying. Anyway, I wanted to share a fun Friday Five post today and just chat about some random things from the week. First up, a few days ago I painted my Arhaus mirror in the dining room black and I LOVE it! And it turned out even better than I expected. Here’s how it looked before:

And after with three coats of black exterior paint:

So much better, right?! It totally pops now. And I love how it matches the black chairs. Such a good change!!





  • I’ve seen a lot of chat about 2021 interior design trends lately. And honestly, I have mixed feeling about it. On one hand, it’s nice to see what’s popular and up-‘n-coming in the design world. Maybe you can get a few fresh ideas for your home. But on the other hand, I see trends simply as opinions that come and go. I mean at one point, the trend was shag carpet and tile countertops. Oh and remember those giant glass block walls in bathrooms?! It all comes and goes, so I’ve never been big on designing my home based on “rules”. My motto is, do what you LOVE in your home and don’t worry about what’s on trend.
  • The bathroom vanity I got for our basement in 40% off right now!! I LOVE this vanity so much. It’s exactly what I was looking for and it’s even better in person–highly recommend!!
  • I’m putting together a play area for the kids and I just ordered this cute little table. I will definitely share once I have the space done!
  • Favorite perfume lately.
  • I’m getting really bored with my usual at-home workouts. I want to get a Peloton bike, but holy smokes–they’re pricey. If you know of any good alternatives let me know!
  • SO excited for all the good football games on this weekend. Planning to make my favorite dip.
  • I haven’t been loving my new Erin Condren planner lately, which is a total bummer. But the hourly layout I chose just isn’t working for me. So I just picked up this planner at Target and I already love it! It has a very similar layout, but without the hourly day. Plus it’s a fraction of the price!

Sales This Weekend:


Thanks for dropping by today!! Hope you have a great weekend. xo

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  1. 1.15.21
    Gretchen Kemp said:

    Love the post and the sale tips.. your house and design is lovely!!! Prayers for a blessed new year!

    • 1.22.21
      Jane said:

      Have you thought about painting the mirror in your basement bathroom black too? Trends are what are for sale in stores, so it is hard not to buy them even when you don’t follow them, we are all forced to because that is what is out there for sale! I would love to find some shag carpet for my new house bedroom, but it cannot be found! Moving in about 2 weeks to another state!

  2. 1.15.21
    jessoca sakaske said:

    I don’t have a recommendation for a bike, but look forward to you sharing what you get for feed back on alternatives. before the pandemic i was doing spin locally and loved it!

    • 1.15.21
      Jeni said:

      I’ve heard Echelon is a good – cheaper – alternative to the peloton. I just got a proform exercise bike – only a couple hundred bucks but it does what I need it to ☺️

  3. 1.15.21
    Emily said:

    Your mirror looks amazing!!

  4. 1.15.21
    Traci said:

    Hello there. First I want to say how much I love your blog your decorating ideas, your faith and all you do. My question to you is…can you share how you painted your mirror with exterior paint. That sounds ingenious. Thanks in advance and keep on blogging

  5. 1.15.21
    Julie said:

    The mirror looks amazing! Paint can change anything. I agree with the decorating trends. My house is full of things I love and bring me joy:)

  6. 1.15.21
    Janet said:

    I have a Peloton and I totally love it. My husband is now using it also 5 days a week. A definite improvement in his old 2 day workout.

  7. 1.15.21
    Karem said:

    Love the mirror in black, though it could be any color and look great. As for trends, EVERYTHING on popular blogs is white, black and natural with a touch of green. Where is color, warmth and commitment to a personal look? Maybe now, design goes individualized and not just imitation of a highly stylized set.

    • 1.15.21
      Kristy said:

      I used to follow you on Instagram, but recently deleted my account. I love your posts and blog. I’m so glad I can still follow you!

      • 1.22.21
        Sarah said:

        Good for you deleting your account, Kristy! Instagram can be way too consuming. Glad you’re still here tho!

  8. 1.15.21
    Laura Beth said:

    Mirror looks awesome, love the black

  9. 1.15.21
    Mary said:

    Great job on the mirror Sarah! Looks beautiful 😍 Check out Myx bikes, I got one last year, now, if only I used it!😆 I’ll have to set that as my new goal!

  10. 1.15.21
    June Ward said:

    I’m definitely making that dip ! Your house looks awesome!

  11. 1.15.21
    Shaylan said:

    I too switched from and EC to the Everygirl planner from Target this year and AM LOVING IT! Also love the way the mirror turned out!

  12. 1.15.21
    Wendy said:

    Love your mirror, Sarah! I haven’t made spinach-artichoke dip in forever. I think I’ll make it this weekend, too! Thanks for the idea…You have me craving it! Lol
    Love you!

  13. 1.15.21
    Kathy said:

    Love your decorating… your home looks so inviting

  14. 1.15.21
    Marisa said:

    Love what you are doing in your home! My exclusive perfume is Amazing Grace! It’s fresh and light, yet people always comment how great it smells on me! Happy 2021😘

  15. 1.15.21
    Karen Kershner said:

    I love the mirror! I’m totally into painting things to update rather than buy new stuff (even tho I haven’t done that yet Haha But I do have things in mind of what I want to do Just not sure where to start I guess? Re bikes, I so want a peleton too but can’t get myself to pay the price especially when I haven’t ridden a workout bike in a long time so I do t want to spend that much rn anyway. Would love it if you would blog about different ones and maybe which one you chose? Just a thought 😊 Your house is beautiful btw 💖

  16. 1.15.21
    Vera said:

    My nephew bought an exercise bike from Nordic Track. The S15iFit Studio cycle. It was still pricey at $1599., but less than the Peleton.

  17. 1.15.21
    Penny said:

    Where did you find your pouf? Love them!

  18. 1.15.21
    Jessica Allen said:

    The mirror looks AMAZING!!! I would have never had the courage to paint it but man, it looks so good.
    Thank you for your thoughts on “trends”. I believe you need to do you and embrace what makes you smile. That’s one of the things I love about following you….you embrace what brings you joy.
    Check out Lauren Bown on Instagram. She has a dupe for the Peloton bike and she LOVES it.

  19. 1.15.21
    Donna Pack said:

    The mirror you painted black is stunning!

  20. 1.15.21
    Angela Servello said:

    Morning my friend, I love the mirror in black, also removing the gold table lamp was a great idea. I’m not a big fan of gold home decor. Growing up my mother’s idea of beautiful was gold everything, I guess I got turned off to it, lol but that’s just me. I would never comment badly or express my opinion unless asked. I totally agree with you, forget the trends and just go with what you love. But I just have to say I’m so happy you went with those changes, it looks and feels so much more like Sarah. Love and hugs, Angela 👍💕

  21. 1.15.21
    Debbie said:

    Love the mirror!

    • 1.22.21
      Sarah said:

      Thank you Debbie!

  22. 1.15.21
    Lori said:

    Hi Sarah! I love what you did with the mirror! You gave me some inspiration to start my painting project❤️ Can you link the neutral colored pillows on your couch pretty please🤣♥️

    Thank you! Lori

    • 1.22.21
      Sarah said:

      Hi Lori, most of those pillows are covers from With Lavender and Grace!

  23. 1.15.21
    Connie said:

    I have both tile countertops in my kitchen and the giant glass block wall in a bathroom! not my choices, came with the house, will change them one day! 😛

    • 1.22.21
      Sarah said:

      haha! We had the giant glass block wall in our basement bathroom in the old house. They definitely make a statement!

  24. 1.15.21
    Tery Gunter said:

    Love the mirror. I’ve been looking at your dining room chairs for some time. I just noticed that you posted a place to buy them. Are these the same chairs you’ve had for some time?

    • 1.22.21
      Sarah said:

      yes they are! I bought my chairs from Wayfair and those that I linked are the same ones.

  25. 1.15.21
    Michelle Forsythe said:

    I have a Peloton bike and it’s amazing!! It’s definitely worth the money!! I fought my husband about spending that much money on the bike but I’m so glad I lost that fight!!☺️

    • 1.22.21
      Sarah said:

      that’s awesome! I want one so bad.

  26. 1.15.21
    Suze said:

    Where did you find the print of the bluff/butte in your mirror before photo? Love it!

  27. 1.15.21
    Cynthia said:

    Amen to no news! Out Pastor on Sunday said he was giving up the news for a fast for 21 days. I decided to stand with him and do the same. 5 days on and I feel great!!!!
    I will look up to Him not news😂

    • 1.22.21
      Sarah said:

      that’s amazing! I need to try doing the same thing.

  28. 1.15.21
    Jodi Zaffiri said:

    My daughter just got the Nordic Track bike. You don’t need special shoes with it so anyone can use it. It’s really nice and less expensive!!❤️

    • 1.16.21
      Linda said:

      Thank you. I thought it was just me. Really not crazy about my Condren planner this year. Cover came scratched up and it went on sale the week after I bought it and they wouldn’t adjust it for me. Have seen a bunch of cuter ones since but didn’t want to get one I liked better because of the cost.

      • 1.22.21
        Sarah said:

        oh shoot! I’m sorry to hear that Linda. They should have adjusted the price for you! I’ve been using an EC planner for almost 10 years and I usually love them. But the layout I got this year just wasn’t working for me.

    • 1.22.21
      Sarah said:

      I’ve heard a lot of good things about that bike. Might need to try that!

  29. 1.15.21
    Merri said:

    Love everything you post. I gotta admit, my heart skipped a beat when I read that you are thinking about a Peloton! I’ve had mine for almost 3 years, and I went from taking an occasional walk when the weather is perfect, to exercising 6 days per week! I love it so much. In my opinion it is definitely worth the money!

    • 1.22.21
      Sarah said:

      That’s great feedback, thank you Merri! And so awesome that you’re exercising 6 days a week now. Keep it up!

  30. 1.16.21
    Linda said:

    Thank you. I thought it was just me. Really not crazy about my Condren planner this year. Cover came scratched up and it went on sale the week after I bought it and they wouldn’t adjust it for me. Have seen a bunch of cuter ones since but didn’t want to get one I liked better because of the cost.

  31. 1.16.21
    Debbie said:

    Really enjoy your insta!

    • 1.22.21
      Sarah said:

      thank you Debbie!

  32. 1.16.21
    Giselle said:

    Long time reader, first time responding…but I have gotten lots of great advice & recommendations from you and I figure today is my day to give back in terms of exercise bike. After much debate & research I purchased Schwinn IC4 (less than half price of Peloton) and purchased Peloton app for $12.99/mo. The bike is very stable and the resistance transitions are gradual and smooth. My iPad securely fits on bike and if I want the music loud I synch it to Bluetooth speaker. It works great. Look for the resistance conversion charts on Pinterest, it was a little humbling when I finally did that…I thought I was working so hard…apparently not! Lol. Peloton instructors are very motivating and encouraging. If you have a treadmill they have great treadmill classes as well, 30 minutes literally flies by.

    • 1.22.21
      Sarah said:

      Hi Giselle, thank you so much for taking the time to share that with me! Sounds like a great option for a much more affordable price. I’ll definitely check it out!

  33. 2.5.21
    Debbie Cooner said:

    Love the arhaus mirror but not the price! Any suggestions for look a likes?

  34. 2.12.21
    Cynthia Rahrig said:

    Your home is so
    Comfy & inviting. Looks like you live in it. Some are right out of a magazine and I would be afraid to lay on the sofa. Haha
    Keep it up! Your posts are fun!

  35. 4.10.21
    Crystal Demetre said:

    Can you comment on where you picked up the leather chairs in you living room and are they recliners?