Friday Five: Area Rug Tip, Home Office Progress, Valentine’s Day Finds + More

Hallelujah we made it to Friday! How was your week?? It’s been pretty good around here–I had a few really productive days and a few not-so-productive days. I feel like my energy is so up and down this month. I don’t know what the deal is, but I’ve been on the struggle bus. And I know I’m not alone in feeling this way right now. I’ve talked to several friends who feel the same way lately. Maybe it’s a January thing? Or a post-2020 thing. Who the heck knows. Anyway, today I’m excited to share a few fun tidbits from the week. I have an area rug tip, home office update, Valentine’s Day finds and more.

I’ve been working on getting my office more put together for a few week now. I recently got this gorgeous light pink area rug and we just got curtains hung up. I’m planning to do a fun accent wall in there (maybe a herringbone wall?!) but it’s really starting to come together. And it’s so cool to finally have a real home office. I love it!


RANDOM TIDBITS (and the area rug tip!):

  • AREA RUG TIP: I just got a super cute new rug for my daughter’s room and I wanted to share a tip about off-gassing your rugs before putting them in your home! I shared this on IG the other day, but basically t’s important to open up any new rugs outside in fresh air. Area rugs are loaded with chemicals, but they “off-gas” the most when first opened up. So I always make sure to unroll them outside and let them hang out for an hour or two to get rid of that chemical smell! Then I use this rug tape to secure the corners to my wood floor.
  • My kids are all obsessed with coloring, especially during the colder months. We found this free coloring page site a few weeks ago and we legit use it every day to print pages! They have a ton of options.
  • I’m still LOVING my new daily planner from Target. I’ve had it a few weeks now, so long enough to get a feel for it, and it’s SO good.
  • Are you following me in the LTK app? Lately I’ve been trying really hard to link as much as I can over there, so it’s a really easy way to instantly shop my photos and get source info!
  • Really thinking about ordering this HUSTLE decal for my office wall.
  • I rounded up some super cute heart and love sweatshirts for Valentine’s Day!


Abercrombie is having a great sale right now. Here’s a few favorites:


Loopy Cases: Use JOY for 10% off. I LOVE these cases. My mom has one too–they’re the best.

Thanks so much for dropping by the blog today. Hope you have a great weekend!

Hi, I'm Sarah. Welcome to my happy place! I'm mama to three, wife to my high school sweetheart + Colorado native. Let's decorate. Or maybe go on a Target run?!

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  1. 1.29.21
    Debbie said:

    Love your rugs!! Both are great!!

  2. 1.29.21
    Cindy said:

    Just love both of the rugs!

  3. 1.29.21
    Tammy Ganci said:

    Hi, the decal for your home office no!! Find a nice quote or wording of any kind that is more you. The hustle one not for your style home or design. But, if you can, can you tell me where you purchased the bedding in your daughters room its so pretty!!
    Have a blessed and wonderful day and weekend,
    Love your blog friend,

    • 1.29.21
      Sarah said:

      haha well thanks for the input on the decal Tammy. There’s a lot of hustle and hard work involved in what I do every day, so I kinda liked it! But maybe I can find another word 🙂

      That bedding in my daughter’s room is from Target.

      • 1.29.21
        Tammy Ganci said:

        Thank you, heading over to Target website now .

  4. 1.29.21
    Tricia said:

    Hi, I also agree about the decal. IMO, finding a better word/quote that fits you would be great. You are so classy and elegant!

    • 1.29.21
      Sarah said:

      Well there’s a lot of hustle involved in what I do every day, so I kinda liked it! 🙂

      • 1.29.21
        Tricia said:

        I think I was a bit insensitive cause I like everything you do and put in my two cents! Might just be my personal thing and my misinterpretation of the word.
        You are our great inspiration!
        Have a happy weekend!

        • 1.29.21
          Sarah said:

          Oh you’re totally fine Tricia! No worries at all. xo

  5. 1.29.21
    Carol said:

    Thank you for the tip about unwrapping your rug outside to release the chemicals. Never even thought about that.

  6. 1.29.21
    Robin said:

    I agree with the ladies and not using the word hustle. We don’t see all your hustling. We get to see your Beauty, Joy, and Love !

  7. 1.29.21
    Barbara said:

    LOVE the colors. They suit you so well. Now, about the “HUSTLE”- you’re right- you definitely DO hustle….maybe a compromise (if you feel a need to compromise 😉 would be a softer, flowery, vine-y HUSTLE graphic! Hehehe.

  8. 1.29.21
    Shirley Brown said:

    Where did you get the upholstered headboard in your daughter’s bedroom?

  9. 1.29.21
    Kama said:

    Absolutely love all your decor! You are an inspiration to me.

  10. 1.31.21
    Courtney said:

    I purchased the same rug you have in your living room. I love it but it’s very thin. I’m just wondering if you have a recommendation for somewhere I could get a good padding to go underneath it.?

    • 2.1.21
      Sarah said:

      Yes, it is thin! I need a good rug pad. I know Target has several options, but they can get pricey depending on the size of your rug!

  11. 2.1.21
    Lori said:

    Hi there…it was either 1/29 or 1/30 in your stories you talked about a Pilates class you were taking online. Can you give me the information on that…I believe you also had a code…I know your on a bit of a break😍 we all need to sometimes…so sorry to bother you!! Thanks!!

    • 2.1.21
      Sarah said:

      Hi Lori, that was actually OpenFit. The XB Pilates program. It’s really good! You can do a 21 day free trial here:

  12. 2.1.21

    Hi Sarah, Great Blog. I loved it so much.