Four Affordable Coats for Winter

Four Affordable Coats from Walmart

Good morning buttercup and happy Tuesday to you!! Can you believe Thanksgiving is only two days away? I sure can’t. I’m honestly not a huge fan of Thanksgiving food (I’m more into the dessert!) but I always look forward to spending time with family and relaxing for the day. Plus it’s great to slow down and really think about all we have to be thankful for in life. I feel like those things can easily get lost in the hustle and bustle of every day, but we have so much to be thankful for and I’m glad to have a day to really focus on our blessings. Anyway enough rambling! Today I wanted to pop in quick to share four affordable coats for winter. All of these are perfect for the cold months ahead. Plus they’re all from Walmart and very budget friendly.

Heavyweight Anorak Jacket: First up is my favorite coat of the bunch. This heavyweight Anorak jacket is SO good and it’s very budget friendly. This coat is very warm (it has a double lining) and I love the longer length, plus it comes with a large faux fur lined hood. Honestly, this feels like it should be much more expensive than it really is. Plus there are also tons of pockets and zipper pouches on this coat, which is really nice. I’m wearing a size small here for reference. This one also comes in two color options. See it HERE.

Bibbed Coat with Faux Fur Hood: This coat is another great option. This one is just as warm as the Anorak coat, but it’s not quite as big or bulky. I feel like this coat works perfectly if you’re looking for something warm, but don’t want all the extra fabric or length. Again this one is double lined and it has a nice hood. It’s just a great coat for an amazing price!! I’m wearing small for reference. See it HERE.

Denim Jacket with Shearling Lining: Ok, I know this one isn’t exactly a coat, but this denim jacket is AWESOME. It has a cozy shearling lining, which is great if you want something a little more lightweight than the first two coats I shared. This would be adorable paired with a plaid top and leggings too! I’m wearing a size small here, but I think medium might have been a better fit–especially to give me more length in the sleeves. See it HERE.

Puffer Coat with Hood: Last is this great basic puffer coat. I love this one because I feel like it’s the kind of coat that can be worn for several seasons–it would be great on a cool fall day and then perfect layered with a sweatshirt in the winter too. It’s more lightweight than the other options I’ve shared, but still a really good quality coat. I’m wearing small for reference. See it HERE.

Well hopefully that helps if you’re looking for an affordable coat for the cold months ahead! I love these options because they’re so budget friendly, but the quality is still great. Anyway, here are a few other awesome options from Walmart:


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  1. 11.26.19
    Jena said:

    Thank you so much for sharing, have a wonderful and blessed thanksgiving!

  2. 11.26.19
    Dot said:

    Thanks for showing us all these jackets. Sounds like you could wear the heavy anorak jacket with the snow that is forecast for your area!
    Walmart has some great products at affordable prices. Thanks for spreading the news!!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  3. 11.26.19
    Stacy said:

    As someone who lives in a snowy climate, would you recommend either of the first two for snow play??