Fall Porch 2022

My fall porch is done!! I don’t have the biggest space to work with, but my strategy is to just load it up with an excessive amount of mums and pumpkins. When you feel like you have enough, add two more and you’ll be set. I love all the pops of orange and yellow!

Hope this gives you a few ideas for your own fall porch this year!


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The Comments

  • Angela Servello
    September 15, 2022

    Hello my darling Sarah,
    So sorry about your Grandma, make her proud and live a good life. Haven’t been here for awhile, life gets in the way sometimes. But wanted to say hello. Love your front porch, so pretty. Hugs, Angela💕💕

    • Sarah
      > Angela Servello
      September 16, 2022

      ah sweet Angela, so good to hear from you. I hope you’ve been well.

      You’re right, living a good life would make Jams proud and that’s what I need to do. I woke up feeling better today and hopeful I can make her proud!

      Sending hugs your way,

  • S. Marie
    September 15, 2022

    So sorry for the loss of your grandmother. THAT “transition” of the grandmother that you could visit or call anytime to the grandmother who is in your heart and her memories in your mind is SO SO hard. Sarah, we are the LUCKY ONES-the ones who have experienced this very special relationship. NOT everyone has this with a grandmother. So glad you have your faith to carry you thru and TO HER when you pray…..
    The Fall porch is spectacular! Are ALL the pumpkins/mums real?? I had a friend who used to mix the faux and the real and NO ONE could tell. Did it with flowers, shrubs in planters AND PUMPKINS!
    Take care,
    S. Marie

    • Sarah
      > S. Marie
      September 16, 2022

      You are so kind to leave such a thoughtful comment. Thank you for that reminder, I AM so lucky to have this memories and to have had such an amazing woman as my grandma. She was such a great example of faith, love and strength.

      And yes, all of the pumpkins and mums here are real!! Let’s hope I can keep those mums alive. Fingers crossed!
      Thanks again. xoxo

  • Mona Brandt
    October 5, 2022

    Where did you find the cute little bench on your porch? You make every room so inviting. No wonder you like staying home.