Cozy New Rug in the Reading Room

Helllllo and happy June to you! Can you believe we are officially into June?! This year is basically half way over, which is so mind boggling. Time sure moves fast. Anyway, I wanted to share a quick look at the new rug I just put in our little front room/reading room/former-dining-room. I don’t even know what to call it anymore!

I’ve been really into bold colors and patterns lately (hence thevelvet green chairs!) so I really love how this rug looks in here. It’s from Target and under $200 for the 7×10 size. It’s surprisngly soft too!

For the last two years this room has been a real humdinger, but I really love the way I have it styled right now. We sit in here way more than we did when this was a dining room, which is nice. And now it feels extra cozy with this new rug!


Velvet Green Chairs

Arched Cabinet




Round Coffee Table

Fiddle Tree

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