Chalk Painted Barn Door TV Cover

Yesterday afternoon I was in the mood for a little DIY action, so I decided to bust out the ol’ chalk paint and give my barn door TV covers a fresh new look. I was getting bored with the white and I was ready to make a change. We’ve had these doors in our living room for over two years now (remember when I shared this tutorial back in 2018?!) and I’ve been wanting to spruce them up for a while now. Well I finally decided to go for it and I love how they turned out! I’m so excited to share this fun project today. Okie dokie, let’s start with a look at how these barn door TV covers were before:


And here’s how the barn door TV covers look now:

Such cool change, right?! I absolutely LOVE this new look and I’m so glad I decided to paint these doors. I wasn’t sure how I’d like this darker paint, but I think it totally works in this space. And somehow it makes it feels warmer and more cozy. I used the color Garden Trowel by Magnolia Home Chalk Style Paint, which is a dark shade of grey with a little green in it.

After the paint dried I went in with a heavy grit sandpaper and distressed the edges of the doors to give them more of a vintage look. This helped lighten them up a bit too with that white paint underneath peeking through. I LOVE it. I also decided to spray paint the handles black matte and painted the hinges white.

Well that was my fun little weekend chalk painting project! I’ve really been enjoying adding more color into our home and painting these barn door TV covers was a great way to do that. I feel like this color can easily work year round and even with seasonal decor. Anyway, I’d love to hear what you think of this new look in our living room. Thanks so much for dropping by the blog today! xo

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  1. 1.27.20
    Jenny said:

    The doors look amazing. What a great update!

  2. 1.27.20
    Tammy Ganci said:

    Love it!!!!! I too have an all white house, walls, trim, doors and ceilings. But every here and there I put in a pop of paint in colors that can go year round. Love it.
    Have a blessed day,
    your blog friend,

    • 1.27.20
      Rhonda Kay Manthei said:

      Love the Barn doors painted..Brings Warmet to your Beautiful home..Good Job…Many Blessings my sweet friend..

  3. 1.27.20
    Sheilah Perry-Rosales said:

    Nice color! I would prefer to paint the hinges black myself to match the handle but that’s just me.Havr a Happy Monday!

  4. 1.27.20
    Sherry said:

    I have to say I was against changing the white. For fear you would be tied to that color when accenting. But, it looks beautiful. It’s the perfect amount of color.

  5. 1.27.20
    Teri said:

    I loved your white doors so much that I was afraid for you to paint them! But I actually love the new color! Especially with the distressing so that some of the white still shows through. Not crazy about the white hinges but it still looks beautiful as does everything in your home!

  6. 1.27.20
    Chris said:

    You won me over with this awesome neutral! Did you brush/roll? How many coats? Did you wax or leave it matte? I’m wanting to paint my kitchen island, but I’m not sure the chalk paint is good for a kitchen…

  7. 1.27.20
    Candy said:

    Good Morning Sarah
    I love the new colour! I think it looks awesome with your cabinet below.
    Great job!

  8. 1.27.20
    Rhonda said:

    Great idea to distress them! They look great 🙂

    • 1.28.20
      Sarah said:

      thank you Rhonda!

  9. 1.27.20
    Dawna said:

    I was watching Instagram stories, and was hoping you wouldn’t paint them, but I LOVE how they turned out! Great eye for decorating!

    • 1.28.20
      Sarah said:

      haha well I was nervous too Dawna!! But so glad I decided to go for it. I LOVE the change.

  10. 1.27.20
    Deedra said:

    I absolutely love the color that you chose! Just the perfect shade for your space!

    • 1.28.20
      Sarah said:

      thanks Deedra, I’m so happy with this color too!

  11. 1.27.20
    Dacia Schroder said:

    Love how they turned out!

    • 1.28.20
      Sarah said:

      Thank you Dacia!

  12. 1.27.20
    Dee-Dee said:

    I absolutely LOVE this!!

    • 1.28.20
      Sarah said:

      thank you Dee-Dee!

  13. 1.27.20
    Dot said:

    Love the new look!!!! Makes your room look warmer and, if possible, more cozy! Keep the inspiration coming!

    • 1.28.20
      Sarah said:

      thanks so much Dot!!

  14. 1.27.20
    Annie V said:

    Love the color of the doors but not a fan of the white hinges. I would have sprayed them black like the handles.

  15. 1.27.20

    I wasn’t sure when you said you were going to paint the white barn doors but I absolutely love it! The darker color looks so much warmer and goes so well with the cabinet.

    • 1.28.20
      Sarah said:

      I agree, Sandy!! The darker color really makes this room feel more cozy.

  16. 1.27.20
    Joette said:

    Hi Sarah
    I love the new door colors it really softens the look of the room. Now about your wall cover, which I love and I’m sure you’ve posted previously the color but what is the color of your walls?

    • 1.28.20
      Sarah said:

      Hi Joette! It’s Alabaster by Sherwin Williams.

  17. 1.27.20
    Patty Aslin said:

    Sarah your shutters look amazing. The color adds so much character to your room…seriously the transformation is perfect! I loved them in the cream color, but after seeing them painted a deeper color…I can see the impact color makes. Great job👍

    • 1.28.20
      Sarah said:

      ah thank you so much Patty! xo

  18. 1.27.20
    Nikki said:

    I can’t believe I thought you should leave the doors white. I love the change! The color is perfect!

    • 1.28.20
      Sarah said:

      haha right?! I was nervous too but I LOVE this change.

  19. 1.27.20
    Penny said:

    I would paint the hinges black.

  20. 1.27.20
    Lea said:

    Looks great! Love the color you painted them.

    • 1.28.20
      Sarah said:

      thank you Lea!

  21. 1.27.20
    Tracy said:

    This adds so much more charm to your room! Perfect!

    • 1.28.20
      Sarah said:

      I think so too! Thanks Tracy.

  22. 1.29.20
    Jim said:

    I like the idea, but believe, since you have the hinges, why not place another small piece of wood, painted to match the doors, fixed at 90 degrees so it actually does look like true cabinet and doors? You could put some clear rubber bumpers, so you would not mark the walls!

  23. 9.5.20
    Tammy Harper said:

    I love the look of the doors to hide the tv. I just showed my husband and he is asking if you used plumbing pipe for the rail?

  24. 2.5.22
    Rita said:

    Hi! You did a beautiful job! I love it! I’d you buy the barn doors and supplies? Also, the center underneath? F