Breakfast Nook + Kitchen Updates!

Guess what’s happening today in Colorado?? SNOW. Yes, you read that right. White fluffy snow and frigid temperatures are in the forecast today and I’m less than thrilled about it. This is WAY earlier that usual and it’s especially hard to adjust to when it’s been over 90 degrees for the last several days. How does this even happen?! I mean really, how does Mother Nature go from summer to winter in like 12 hours. Good grief. It’s a lot of crapola if you ask me, but thankfully it’s a two day storm and we should back to normal temperatures by Wednesday. One can hope! Anyway, enough about all that malarky. Let’s chat about some fun updates in the kitchen and breakfast nook. We’ve made lots of changes and I’m excited to share them all today.

So the first big change here is all the light fixtures!! We finally got our lights in from Arhaus and I’m completely smitten with them. They were definitely worth the wait and I’m so glad I decided to go with lanterns over the bar. They’re just classic and timeless. We also painted the back door black, (it was originally white) and I love that contrast with the walls. Plus we have barstools now!!

So much has changed in the little breakfast nook too! We added curtains, which gave this spot a much more cozy, inviting feel. I just love the way curtains add that extra layer of texture! Next we added this incredible wooden light fixture, which is basically like a work of art. It even matches our floor!! It’s definitely a statement piece.

It’s been so fun to see all these changes happen in the last few weeks. Our little house on the prairie is slowly starting to feel like home and I love it. Plus all the natural light in here is just amazing! Every morning I sit at this table and drink my coffee–it’s the perfect spot to take in the view and spend time with God before the day gets started.

Well I’m off to find my winter boots and parka, but I hope you have the best day and a fabulous week. xoxo

Welcome!! I’m Sarah-- mama to three kiddos + wife to my high school sweetheart. I'm usually over-caffeinated, browsing Amazon + running on lots of grace. Grab a snack + get comfy!

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  1. 9.8.20
    glenda lafont said:

    Love it.

  2. 9.8.20
    Sherry Creasman said:

    Love everything! Where did you purchase the chairs in your breakfast nook?

    • 9.8.20
      Ina Monn said:

      Dear Sarah! ❤️Congrats on your lovely new home! All I have seen is amazing & I am very happy to follow you along.
      xoxo Ina
      P. S. love your 3 new family members😻😻😻

      • 9.8.20
        Sarah said:

        haha thank you! I should have uploaded a photo of them!

        • 9.8.20
          Vicky Morris said:

          Your new home is so open and bright. Can’t wait to see it decorated for Christmas. Where did you get two egg chairs?

        • 9.8.20
          Mona Hall said:

          Beautiful as always! You have such a great talent for decorating.

          • 9.9.20
            Sarah said:

            you are so kind, thank you Mona!

    • 9.8.20
      Melisa said:

      I would like to know too please.

    • 9.8.20
      Sarah said:

      Those are from Wayfair! I got them over a year ago and unfortunately they aren’t online anymore. I’m sorry!

  3. 9.8.20
    Gayle said:

    Everything looks so awesome and what a view!! Where did you purchase your cream colored end table?

    • 9.8.20
      Sarah said:

      That’s an old one from Pier 1!

  4. 9.8.20
    Ina Monn said:

    Dear Sarah❤️!
    Congratulations on your lovely new home! All I have seen
    so far is beautiful….So happy to follow you along – I always get new ideas for my home🥰….All the best to you,
    xoxo Ina
    P. S. love your 3 new family members😻😻😻

  5. 9.8.20
    Diane said:

    Love your new house. It looks bright and beautiful

    • 9.8.20
      Sarah said:

      thank you Diane! xo

  6. 9.8.20
    Ramona Wampler said:

    Snow?!? Oh my goodness. I love fall and enjoyed some cooler less humid weather this weekend here in VA which I love but I’m not ready for snow. I love the contrast of black here and there in these light spaces! It’s really beautiful!

    • 9.8.20
      Sarah said:

      Yeah I’m not ready for snow either! But here it is. Bah!

  7. 9.8.20
    Tina said:

    All these changes look beautiful. Definitely love all the black accents and that floor is lovely. We are renovating a 1970s house right now and you are giving me some great ideas. Sorry about the winter weather. You’re right, it’s way too early.

    • 9.8.20
      Sarah said:

      Oh good luck renovating your home Tina!

  8. 9.8.20
    Michele Moore said:

    Your house looks really nice! I was wondering if the barstools are comfortable?

    • 9.8.20
      Sarah said:

      YES! They are super comfortable. We love them!!

  9. 9.8.20
    Rhonda R Wilson said:

    So beautiful girlie! 🙂 I know you’re enjoying yourself and living space.
    What paint color did you use? We’re painting our home throughout and want white but lord have mercy I didn’t know there’s so many whites! 😉

    • 9.8.20
      Sarah said:

      We used Alabaster by Sherwin Williams. It’s the best white paint in my opinion. That’s what we had in our last house too! Can’t go wrong with that.

  10. 9.8.20

    Sarah, I saw that it was suppose to snow out there and i honestly thought about you! it will warm up again i hope for you guys. What happened to fall hey???? It’s cool here in wisconsin as well. Not cold enough for snow but i do have windows closed. Yuk. You new home is really so awesome. love the lighting. Really pretty. The black door is great. Have a great day Sarah. xoxo

  11. 9.8.20
    Sheryl said:

    Where are the coral coach pillows from?

  12. 9.8.20
    Patsy said:

    I Love it all. It’s soo pretty! So light and airy!

  13. 9.8.20
    Lori said:

    Your home is looking beautiful! I have to say I don’t follow to many people but get excited when I see your new posts. I just did a German shmear on our fireplace snd we did a small accent wall of wallpaper that looks
    Like it was stenciled on. Very fun to make our homes cozy. Have a great week. 😊

  14. 9.8.20
    Candy said:

    Good Afternoon Sarah
    I just love your lantern lights over your island. Also your chandelier over your table! You have such amazing taste. Love everything

  15. 9.8.20
    Toni said:

    Beautiful, Sarah! Love everything you’re doing!
    Question…… the lanterns have glass or are they open?

  16. 9.8.20

    Love what you have done, especially the light over the table. Just beautiful.

    • 9.9.20
      Sarah said:

      thank you Betty!!

  17. 9.8.20
    Vicki said:

    Love all the black accents in your white kitchen, along with the light wood tones, so beautiful! That light above the table is amazing! Your home is coming together beautifully!

    • 9.9.20
      Sarah said:

      thank you so much Vicki!! Hope you have a great week. xo

  18. 9.8.20
    Dot said:

    Have to say that I get giddy when I see that you have a new post!
    Love your kitchen and breakfast nook. First thing I noticed was the black door which just pops! Your kitchen light fixtures are stunning and the one over your table is gorgeous!
    It has not taken you long to make this house your home! The sitting area is so cozy.
    You know what you want and how to put it together!!
    Looking forward to more reveals!!

    • 9.9.20
      Sarah said:

      Dot you made my day!! I’m so happy to hear that. Thank you for being here!!

  19. 9.8.20
    Lena said:

    Oh yuck. Hopefully the snow melts and fall arrives. Love the kitchen and breakfast nook: so cozy and beautiful! Replacing the original darker hard wood with lighter hard wood was the right decision – looks terrific!!

    • 9.9.20
      Sarah said:

      Thank you Lena!! I agree, replacing that dark floor for this lighter floor was the best decision. So happy with it!

  20. 9.8.20

    Sarah, Your house is gorgeous! The curtains are beautiful! I wonder if you would please comment on the color. The website says they are gray but they look more taupe/beige in your photos. Thanks so much!

    • 9.9.20
      Sarah said:

      They are definitely a light gray! It’s a very soft color. I love it!

  21. 9.9.20
    Sherry said:

    I love the changes you made and the new light fixtures are amazing. I was wondering what happened to that beautiful arhaus dining room table that you had in your old house.

    • 9.9.20
      Sarah said:

      oh that’s a great question! Unfortunately it wouldn’t fit in our breakfast nook here, so it’s currently sitting in storage. I’m hoping I can use it in our basement once we get that finished!

  22. 9.9.20
    Tracie Jones said:


  23. 9.9.20
    Vivian said:

    hi sarah! i love looking at your decorating ideas! your home is beautiful! jealous of the views you have now in the country/ and colorado. my husband and i visited colo springs and leadville over the weekend and drove through the snow! it was crazy! keep sharing your thoughts and great ideas! blessings!!

    • 9.10.20
      Sarah said:

      oh wow! I bet Leadville had a ton of snow. It’s always cold up there!

  24. 9.9.20
    Sheila Kennedy said:

    Hi Sarah! I’ve got a question. What color are your curtains? I don’t see white as an option, are they gray? Thanks

    • 9.10.20
      Sarah said:

      yes they’re grey! They are all white, it’s just the decal part at the top that has the color. They also have yellow and black!

  25. 9.9.20
    Colette said:

    Could you tell me where you got the antique mirror that is hanging in the sitting room by your entryway♥️

  26. 9.10.20
    Kathy M said:

    Ohhhh, so bright and beautiful! I love the blush tones you throw in. Every picture speaks to me! 🙂

  27. 9.13.20
    Linda Cullen said:

    Hi Sarah! Your kitchen is beautiful & so open! Great design & the furniture is really nice – fits perfectly. You are an inspiration when it comes to decorating. God Bless. You & your family stay safe & healthy.

  28. 9.14.20
    Shari said:

    Congratulations on your amazing new home.

  29. 9.14.20
    Christina said:

    Turn the sitting room into a dining room and the breakfast nook into a sitting area. Great place to sit and enjoy coffee with that view! Dont need a breakfast nook with the barstools right there. Imagine sitting in the chair looking g out at the view, watching the snow with a cup of hot chocolate. 😍

  30. 9.15.20
    Mallorie Malenke said:

    Love the natural colors! Everything meshes great!