An Antique Balance Scale in the Kitchen

I’ve mentioned it a few dozens around here, but I’m just going to go ahead and say it again: I LOVE old scales. I don’t know what it is about them that draws me in so much, but my obsession is real. I love finding them in antique stores, thrift stores, yard sales, Craigslist, etc. And I don’t think I’ve ever come across two of the same scale. They’re all different and unique in their own special way. And there are literally hundreds of different kinds of scales. Really! I know this because as I write this post I am also looking at the International Society of Antique Scale Collectors website. Yes, this is a thing and yes, I am a total nerd. But did you know scales are classified by their purpose? You’ve got your trade scales, your agricultural scales, your apothecary scales, your postal scales, etc. The list goes on and on! It’s kind of fascinating to see the history of scales and how they’ve evolved over time. Anyway, the point of today’s post is not to bore you on the history of scales, but to show you the gorgeous antique scale I found for a total bargain earlier this week. I’ve been hunting for one like this for quite a while, so I’m excited to just share my find with you guys today!

Isn’t she a beauty!? I found this at one of my favorite thrift shops in town for $48. FORTHY-EIGHT DOLLARS! If you know anything about scales you know that is a heck of a deal. It was like the bargain of the century. Seriously, I found a very similar one here on Etsy for $250.

I’ve done some research and I think this is a vintage Detecto balance scale that was commonly used in bakeries. Although I’m not 100% positive because there are no markings or writing on it. But this thing is cast iron and it’s SO heavy. I’d say it weighs at least twenty pounds, maybe more. I also think it may have been painted white at some point, which worked out nicely for me!

I’ve been on an antiquing binge lately where all I want to do is go looking for treasures. Do you ever go through phases like that? I know many of you love antiques as much as I do, so you probably understand how addicting it can be. And it’s so much fun to come across a good deal like this, especially when you least expect it. Right now I’m planning to leave this scale in the kitchen, but if I’m being honest I think we all know it will be moved around a gazillion times. Oh and I also found that cute primitive stool in front of the sink this week too! It’s all marked up and covered in little scratches and dents, but I love the character it has. Plus it’s the perfect size for the kids.

Well I hope you enjoyed seeing my new antique scale! I’m so excited to add this beauty to my collection. And now I want to find one of those cute little postal scales! Anyway, thanks for stoping in today. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. xo

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  1. 3.2.18
    betty in Arlington said:

    interesting to collect scales! with so many being digital now, their beauty and function is even more attractive to collect! remember the baby scales at the doctors’ office? Within four years of my niece’s life, the doctor went from the cute scales to a digital model built into the examination bed! Also what is equally interesting is the weights! beautiful brass and copper weights in boxes!

  2. 3.2.18
    Heather Hoben said:

    Hi Sarah! I also have a scale obsession, I think I have 12 now! I love your balance scale and have been looking for one as well. I haven’t commented in a long time but I want to thank you for brightening many of my days with your posts. I live incorporating some of your design style using my vintage finds. Have a great day!!😘

  3. 3.2.18

    They are beautiful.

  4. 3.2.18
    Lanie said:

    Hi Sarah, scales are such a great collection!

  5. 3.2.18
    kim said:

    Love how you styled all this!! The pretty greens in the HH pitcher!! Super inspiring!

  6. 3.2.18
    Vicki said:

    Love the scale and the stool! I used to have a vintage baby scale in ivory with the cutest pink and blue illustrations of babies and a weight chart painted on it. I finally sold it a while back when I changed up my decor. I also sold my white kitchen scale with the fruits and veggies on it. I would like to find one like it in vintage green. I get on antiquing binges as well, especially in spring and fall when the weather is beautiful outside. I’ve also been scouring Etsy and finding some fun things, although there is always the shipping costs😏 But still fun to look. There is just something about the treasure hunt and finding a great deal on something you love for your home! Have a great weekend!

  7. 3.2.18
    Deedra said:

    That is one of the prettiest and most unique scales I’ve ever seen. And the little bench is so cute too!I I love antiquing too. There is nothing better than walking through an antique store with a cup of Starbucks in my hand! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

    • 3.4.18
      Sarah said:

      Amen to that! Antiquing AND coffee is pretty much my heaven.

  8. 3.2.18
    Donna Bergthold said:

    Hi Sarah, Loving antique scales as well! Your new find is so cute! Love how you styled it! So perfect!

    • 3.4.18
      Sarah said:

      Thanks Donna! It was such a lucky find at that price.

  9. 3.2.18
    Jenifer Scherlin said:

    Dang, Sarah!! Another thing in your house for me to lust over!! That scale is fabulous and fits in perfectly in that spot!
    Congrats! I want to go antiquing with you!!

    • 3.4.18
      Sarah said:

      Yessssss!! Let’s go antiquing!!

  10. 3.2.18

    I’ve been looking for an antique scale everywhere and cannot find one. 🙁 Love love yours. Beautiful styling too – as always. Big hugs

    • 3.4.18
      Sarah said:

      Keep your eyes open Cindy, one will pop up soon. Look on Craigslist too!

  11. 3.2.18
    Nikki said:

    Love the scale and the bench!! I also love the view from your kitchen!!

    • 3.4.18
      Sarah said:

      Thanks Nikki!

  12. 3.2.18
    Bobbette said:

    Love your scale! Can you tell me where you got the black coffee mug holder? I been looking for one forever.

    Thanks Bobbette

  13. 3.2.18
    Patty said:

    Sarah I also love old scales. I have 5 (if I have counted correctly 🤔). I am so drawn to them when ever I see one displayed in a shop. I struggle not to purchase another one, but will if I find one I can’t resist. Your scale is lovely…..I have a black one I believe is the exact same except for the color. Great find….it looks wonderful in your kitchen ♥️

    • 3.4.18
      Sarah said:

      Oh wow! That’s awesome you have the same one. I wish I knew how old it is!

  14. 3.2.18

    Very happy for you that you got such a deal! So fun!

    • 3.4.18
      Sarah said:

      Thanks Julie, it was such a lucky find at that price!

  15. 3.2.18
    Mallory said:

    I too have a scale obsession. My hubby actually bought me a scale for Valentines Day and I started to cry. You’re fantastic so ignore those ridiculous people ❤️ I’m a brand new blogger and you’re one of my inspirations!

    • 3.4.18
      Sarah said:

      Aw I would have cried too Mallory! What a sweet hubby. Thanks for stopping by and for the sweet words. Good luck with your blog! xo

  16. 3.2.18
    Donalee Kennedy said:

    I love them as well! That one is a beauty!!!

    • 3.4.18
      Sarah said:

      Thanks Donalee, it was a lucky find!

  17. 3.2.18
    Jan said:

    wendover_farmstead has a vintage postal scale on eBay. I think from 1970s

  18. 3.3.18
    Sherri said:

    What an absolutely fantastic find! I don’t think I have ever saw one like that before! I love it & the stool too!

    • 3.4.18
      Sarah said:

      Thanks Sherri, I’ve never seen one like it either!! It was such a fun find.

  19. 4.5.18
    Ivory said:

    Wow, so, so, cute. I love it!