A Tribute to Our Nest

We have officially been in this little nest for six months. It seems surreal to even type those words, because in a way it feels like we have always been here. I love this place so much and in a way I feel like it has changed me. So today I want to take a break from the DIY/decor posts to reflect on what I have learned over the past few months.

A Tribute to Home

This photo was taken just a few days after we moved in, with barely any furniture and things a mess. But I can remember taking this picture and thinking to myself, “Wow, we made it”. We had just come from living in a tiny one bedroom apartment for seven weeks while we waited to move. (Read the full story here.) And the worst part about living in that little hole was not the lack of space, but the lack of sunlight. There was very little natural light in that apartment so we always had all of lights on just so we could see. I would compare it to a dark and tiny bedroom in a basement. That part was hard on all of us, but especially me. My soul just needs sunshine. So moving into this home, with all its giant windows and natural light, was like a gift from God. It really felt like paradise.

Tribute to Home

I feel like this place has changed me. After living here for 6 months I have a much deeper appreciation for home. With our previous two places (both of which were foreclosures) I never really felt free to be creative. My ideas and visions just never seemed to fit. And although we did fix up each house and improve it aesthetically, it was more about doing what we thought others would like. It was rarely about asking myself what I really wanted for our home. It was purely about resale and how we could make a profit. But in the end, that process is what got us here, so for that I am grateful.

A Tribute to HomeAnd now, being here is totally different. Everyday I am amazed that we get to call this home. With the mountain views and open space, it’s like we all have so much peace and contentment. Even though there are plenty of projects to do and bathrooms still stuck in the ’80s, I love it. And on top of everything, I feel like this place finally matches up with my style and my vintage farmhouse obsession. For the first time ever I can see all my visions and dreams come to life. Like the breakfast nook planked wall I did not long after we moved in.

Breakfast Nook

Or this reading nook that came from an empty alcove in our living room.

Tribute to Home

And finally, I realize now how important it is to make your home, the place you spend the majority of your time, a reflection of who you are and what you love. Never before have I invested so much energy and heart into decorating our home. And while it may seem trivial to some, it really has made a huge difference in making this little nest feel like our sanctuary. Our safe space. The place that gives us so much happiness. There really is no place I’d rather be. God has been so good to put us here and allow us the opportunity to raise our babes in this home. I can’t wait to see what the next six months have in store!

IMG_8562 Tribute to Home

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  1. 2.24.16
    Jessica said:

    Your home is beautiful! I love the story and I can’t believe you’ve only lived there 6 months! It really looks like you have been there for years!!!!

  2. 2.25.16

    aww, I can so relate to this Sarah. We too are perpetual house fixers and we always do what’s best for “resale”. We are hoping to move soon as well – we gave up our dream of building because we felt God called us to, so now we are waiting to see where He puts us next. The problem is we’re living in a tiny little ranch that was supposed to be a temporary 6 months while we built, has now turned into almost 3 years. There is just no houses available here in our kids’ school district. I guess I should be happy we’re not crammed into a tiny 1 bedroom apt though, huh? 🙂 The waiting and waiting is so hard though.

    Your house is beautiful and your kiddos are so precious! Sunshine is good for the soul, huh? I can’t wait till we find our special place too. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • 2.25.16
      Sarah said:

      It’s crazy how God always has different plans in store for us, but somehow it always works out for the best. Hopefully your path opens up soon! Thanks so much for reading!