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$10 Tool That Makes Hanging Pictures Easy!

I have to share this amazing $10 tool that will literally change your life when it comes to hanging things straight. You guys, this little guy is incredible. It’s a 3-in-1 tool that lets you measure, level, and mark the spot for nails all at the same time. It’s so easy to use and it WORKS! I used it to hang a gallery wall over the weekend and today I used it to hang a large mirror in our entryway.

There are markers on both sides of the measuring tape, so you just have to line those up with the hangers on the back of the frame and then lock it in place. After that you just put that tape up the wall, make sure it’s level, and gently push the tabs into the wall. That makes tiny little holes that show you were the nails go. So quick and easy!

sideboard here is from Article // area rug // mirror // lamp // ceramic bowl // candle (use SARAHJOY20) // faux plant

Well I hope this helps if you struggle with hanging things straight! Give this little tool a try, you’ll me amazed at how well it works.


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