Anytime I talk about oils or my favorite Young Living products I always get tons of questions about how “it all works”. I find myself answering the same questions over and over again, so I figured it might be helpful to put together a page just for the most common questions I hear about getting started! I’ll keep adding to this list as questions arise.

What’s the benefit of getting a starter kit instead of just ordering the specific oils I want and a diffuser?

Getting a starter kit makes you a wholesale member of Young Living, which means you’ll get a 24% discount for life on any future purchases. Plus with the starter kit you’re getting an awesome diffuser, 12 amazing oils, Thieves cleaner and more for only $165, which is 50% off the retail price. It’s an amazing deal! Then once you’re a member you can then purchase any oils or products you want–and you’ll get the discounted pricing.

If I sign up as a member and order a starter kit, do I have to order every month? 

NO! That’s the best part about Young Living. You absolutely do not have to order products every month. The Essential Rewards program is available if you want a shipment every month, but you are never required to do that. In order to stay active as a wholesale member you only need to place one order of 50pv a year to stay active with your membership.

How can I order a starter kit?

  1. Click here and enroll as a MEMBER when you choose your Starter Kit. In order to be on my team make sure my sponsor ID number 15362329 appears in the “Enroller” and “Sponsor” fields.
  2. Decide if you’d like to enroll in the monthly rewards program, Essential Rewards. You can totally skip it for now and enroll later if you want.
  3. After you order a kit I’ll send you a welcome email to fill you in on everything you need to get started with your oils, access to our private Facebook group, and a little printable for diffuser blends you can do with the starter kit oils.

What is Essential Rewards? 

It’s simply a monthly shipment program that you can totally customize to get your favorite YL products delivered to your doorstep every month. I love it because it’s an opportunity to restock on the products we use the most–like the kids’ probiotics, laundry soap and hand soap. But it’s also a great chance to add in new products or oils that we want to try. I typically change my order ever month depending on what we need! You can also cancel at any time too. Plus you’re always earning back points on your order each month, which can be used for free products.

If I sign up, do I have to sell oils? 

No! You will never be required to sell oils. The option is definitely available to you if you ever want to try it out, but there is zero requirement or expectation to sell anything.

I have no idea what I’m doing with oils, but I want to learn. Can you help? 

Yes! I was very much a newbie when I got started, but the team I joined has been a great resource to me as I’ve stepped into this journey with oils and wellness. When you join through my link you’ll get access to our Facebook support groups, which are full of women (and men!) just like you that are using and learning about their oils every day. It’s an amazing community and a great place to ask any question you might have about your starter kit or any YL products.  I’m also just an email away with any questions that might come up!

I ordered a starer kit, now what happens? 

I’ll shoot you an email with info on our Facebook support groups and a free printable with my favorite diffuser blends you can make using your start kit oils!

Why Young Living and not another oil company? 

I decided to go with Young Living over other popular oil companies because all the research I did kept pointing me back to their crazy high quality standards. They have all their own farms and they even personally distill their own oils–which is almost unheard of when it comes to oil companies. Plus their oils are beyond organic and even the soil they grow the plants in has never been treated with pesticides or chemicals. I LOVE that. And it means you’re using an oil with just ONE ingredient–there are no fillers, no additives and no chemicals whatsoever. Many oils that are cheaper or “more affordable” are full of pesticides and toxins that start from the very beginning, but Young Living doesn’t do that. They really are the world leader in essential oils.

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