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My Favorite Boho Style Planters

It’s no secret I love house plants. I’ve lost count of how many I have at this point, but it’s A LOT. And as the years go on, I keep getting better and better at actually keeping them alive, which is a big win compared to my days of killing any plant/flower I would buy. Anyway, in addition to my love of house plants, I love a cute planter. My favorites are the boho style, rattan planters. All of mine are actually from Walmart and under $35, so I waned to share in case you’re looking to level up your house plant game for spring!

This rattan, beige planter is one of my FAVORITES. I just love the design of this one. And it’s a great size so you don’t need a huge plant. This one is only $23!

Next is the woven planter with black legs. This is a little smaller diameter than the first one, which makes it perfect for smaller plants. I just set the potted plant directly in there! Easy peasy.

I’ve had this planter with wooden legs for a couple years now. It’s on the bigger side, so it works well with a large plant.

This woven black and tan planter comes in a few size options. Plus it comes with the plastic liner, which is great beucase it protects the basket from water. I just sat this fiddle leaf directly in there!

Last but not least is this short round plant stand. This obviously doubles as a tray, but it’s techincally a plant stand. I like to use this for a couple of my smaller plants.

Here’s few more options I love from Walmart!

Thank you to Walmart for partnering with me on this post!

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  • SharronSonders
    March 29, 2023

    Love all the bc planters. Heading to Walmart